Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ad-Mad World

Its midnight and I'm wide awake... Unlike the dreaded writers block, right now I can think of lots and lots of stuff to post about. But lets just stick to the most explicit one...

Like most literate ppl, I love reading the newspaper for hours at end. I am one of those who becomes a little uneasy if the news is not on my breakfast table during tea. I simply love to while away my morning reading all and any kind of news (especially if my mom asks me to help with the chores, I develop an increased interest in the world) ;-)

Now I am totally aware that the Mumbai Mirror or the DNA does not run on the measly Rs. 2.50 that I pay everyday to suck up all that is goin around in the world. Heck I think it doesn't even cover the transport cost. So I guess the main source of income for these dailies is Advertisments. Plus they have to pay for the defamation suits that are filed for any wrong information printed by mistake. (Thank God Rakhi Sawant does not have that much legal sense!)

Every day I greedily grab the paper and instead of finding Bold, Large Font Headlines there is an stupid advertisment of some stupid insurance company making my future prosperous or a stupid construction company showing a tower which hasn't even been built (and when built, I wont even dream of buying it) staring back at me. OMG it enrages me so much! But what can I do? I can't tear it up... What is the problem with these people? I mean HEADLINES are supposed to be HEADLINES! You can't insult them by allotting them Page 2!!!!!! Do I buy the newspaper to see a frigging ad on the first page? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
The same thing for the last page. I go through the whole thing discussing some of the items with whoever is besides me (including the dogs who don't care less) skipping the classified section (with the weird friendship clubs "models, air hostesses, housewives" as I don need them right now (the classifieds! lol), enjoying the cartoons and stuff, and thinking the newspaper is comin to an end. I flip to the last page and AAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH another ad! They just wasted two important pages of my life!

I will never forgive them. Today I urge all cool people reading this post to not buy any goods or services from the people who put their ads on the first page! This ought to teach them a lesson!

There was once a time when we would locate an ad in context of the news item it was placed besides. These days its vice verse. (Dude did you check the news between the Samsung and the Electrolux ads? Therez gonna be a blackout due to high consumption by appliances!) Ironic!

On Dassera day I literally had to search news item from between the ads. For a moment I thought the MIRROR and VIJAY Sales was owned by the same person. They had a half page ad on almost every page! I wonder why they call it NEWSpaper! It should be ADSpaper!

Hussssssshhhhhhhh! I feel better now. Blogging is an cool way to vent your anger. Ans so is gaming!
Here is another game that I was playing and its damn interesting (not for the Physics Challenged)

Do try it out.


Sorcerer said... are right
some disappoints me..
but..they put cute chicks pics..
aint that a bonus..i mean..waking up in the morning and seeing a chick smiling at you than the greedy smile of a politician..

Anonymous said...

Hai Saurabh!
It always makes me feel good to read anything that you write :~)Must say you are turning out to be a great blogger :)

Even I have noticed the ADS in the place of HEADLINES and its ridiculous!

Hope you learn more stuff everyday and Blog more :)

Anonymous said...

And hey..The game was cool!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Thanks Sorcy...... Chicks are in Midday

I read Mirror!

@Archana thats for the appreciative comment... I really appreciate the fact that you take out time to comment.
Good to know that you share my thoughts!

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