Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Recently I had the opportunity of traveling in a so called “Luxury” bus which was introduced during the Asian games a few years back. Now travelling in a state transport bus is not exactly was you would call “Luxurious” coz the journey is anything but that! But considering the red colored “Normal” buses that usually ply on majority of the routes, this one is definitely better! It has 2 x 2 seats and better cushions. And that’s all what differentiates luxury from normalcy.

I kept thinking about this during the whole journey and I concluded that "Luxury" is a very realtive term. On one hand there is this shabby bus that we call Luxurious and on the other there are people roaming in tailor made Rolls Royce with push-button amenities that would make even private jets blush.

For example a simple TV is a necessity for some people who can't even dream of spending a day without gossipping about Roadies, a comfort for people who barely get time to watch news and a luxury for people who haven't seen electricty light up their house in the past.

Luxury is...

  • ... Getting a place to sit in the damn bus when you've been standing all life trying to feel the presence of your limbs.
  • ... Watching a Cricket match without the ads ruining the replays and first ball of each over.
  • ... Getting a clear reception of all FM Channels when you've become used to the static and you hear it even after turning off the radio!
  • ... Riding down a calm, pothole free road when you've spent all life counting the bones in your body rattling.
  • ... Getting a breath of fresh air when the acidic smoke at signals corrodes your nostrils
  • ... Making a 10 minute call without any disconnections and network errors.
  • ... Getting the second roti served in restaurants  before the first one ends.
  • ... Not having to wait in lines for ANYTHING.
  • ... Getting all signals green when you have to reach home early (and otherwise)!
  • ... Getting all work done without having to bribe everyone from the chapraasi to the Saab.
  • ... Waking up on a Sunday morning to Coffee and Sunday Times.
  • ... Breathing freely and not getting crushed while struggling to get Ganesh Darshan at Lalbaug.
  • ... Simply having access to broadband when you've spend half your life hearing the clash/bang/trrrrrring of dial up.
  • ... Actually getting the download speeds that the ISP boasts.
  • ... Knowing that your friends care for you even though you don't have time to stay in touch.
  • ... Realising that the beautiful chick you're talking to is smart too.
  • ... Not having stupid telemarketers call you when you really need to sleep
  • ... Not losing your unsaved work when the computer reboots due to power failure.
  • ... Not being stuck behind a snail-speed bus which feeds you generous amounts of dust on the single lane road to office.
  • ... Just for once having all the staff of SBI smiling at you and seeming obliged to help you.
  • ... Knowing that the water temperature is just right when you enter the swimming pool.
 I could go on and on like this... But I'd appreciate your contribution too. So add some points of your own in the comments if you please.

Luxury or not, we all seem to want it desperately... And fast. Like its said (by me) - "You want wants, You need needs"
Plus lets face it. Its human tendency to get the best and not rest till we get the best. No wonder we are never happy and contented.

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Crazy Blogger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Megha said...

It's definitely a long list for me...some of it would be-
1. Somebody gifts me an expensive EOS camera (I am contemplating buying one, but still stuck with my current Cannon SX100 IS, this is not that bad tough)
2. Just stay home resting whenever I feel like, ..to hell with the office..
3. serendipitously get things/good luck....I envy my neighbor who happens to get everything just like that u know
It's an never-ending list, so would stop here...

Anonymous said...

LOL! Getting SBI staff to smile at you was the icing on the cake :-)

Akhil.... said...

nice observations bro... they are to many of them and all worht the mention...

Saurabh Panshikar said...

At least you HAVE a cam... I'm yearing for my first one... Planning to buy one from my OWN salary...
Or maybe you'll gift me your Sx100 after someone gifts you that EOS thing.
even i loved it the most. (Ironically I'm giving the SBI clerical exam..... so trying hard NOT to smile!)
Thanx man... Appreciate your appreciation

Crazy Blogger said...

arey my comment got deleted?

chalo would write again

Today I got a chance to travel in a Ac bus and it was really good.

My lists

1)I wish i could get the kind of job I want
2) a home gym( m not fat but yes kinda chubby and I hate it when ppl call me golu molu)
3) Buy those expensive books i see at bookstores
areyy there are so many, cant think of more right now

Anonymous said...

Nice post!
As I said it was enetertraing and yet was a profound one.
Keep writing:)

Saurabh Panshikar said...

even i was confused... I got the E-mail saying that you commented and poof!!! its gone
Thanks for taking the pains to write it again. even though I have the old one in my inbox.

@SivArchana Didi
Thanks for the nice comment
Yes I will keep writing as you say... But if one day you don't say, do i have to stop writing?

angel from heaven said...

Nice list you have compiled.
I enjoyed the read.

Megha said...

You know what I have to say ? that your wish comes true ;)

Karthik said...

Simply beautiful, dude.
"Realising that the beautiful chick you're talking to is smart to.." lol... :D So true. No matter how beautiful the chick is, if she is dumb it really turns us off, doesn't it? :P
Lots of one liners in the post.
Very well written. Enjoyed reading a lot.

Anonymous said...


Since I already said it,it doesnt't matter I say it again or not.


Mani said...

Hi Saurabh! I am Mani from Ginger Chai. Thanks for your generous comments. I am honoured. Read few of your posts and really found it interesting. I will come back for more. Book marking it.

санжог said...

This should go into our constitution.

Great post bro, you know it reminds me of that U2 song Beautiful day...Bono said something really nice " what you dont have now, you don't need it now"

Saurabh Panshikar said...

@Angel from Heaven
thanks for visiting

Thank you and I wish you the same... Just don't forget the camera wala deal! ;-)

Thanks man.... Coming from you, its a gr8 compliment!
Reading your comment I guess you've dated chicks with various degrees of Beauty!
But then you want 500cc ka engine and then you want 100km per liter! Kaise chalega?

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Even though I thanked you, I say Thank you again! and again!


@Mani - Ginger Chai
To have you commenting is a big deal itself! And thanks for finding me worthy enough of bookmarking!

thanx man... glad that you like it. never heard much U2... Will listen to this one

Arjun said...

hahahaha... lol lol lol

Aesome it was... ;)


Sorcerer said...

Hail Socrates of the 21st century!!
I am afraid my friend..you are becoming a thinker..
soon...very soon..you will start your own dynasty

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Glad that you like it

Oh Gosh! You're just flattering me! Don't forget we gonna rule the zion!

Priyanka. M. said...

Nice post

Reshma Gore said...

This is a little late but just going through your blogs these days. Haha liked "Realising that the beautiful chick you're talking to is smart too" lol. ahh...i wish that about a guy. And also the not having to bribe anyone to get the work done. I would love to get books for gifts, instead of knitting or sewing equipment from my grandma and my friends who gift it to mock me. For my dish tv to display the name of the movie or tv series that is actually gonna air, For my dog to STOP BARKING all the time, for my mom to use a dictionary, for people to stop treating teenagers like they would a 4 year old. That's it, for now. Love your list though.

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