Thursday, June 6, 2013

So I just thought of this today...

We all experience stress all the time but its difficult to explain stress. Then this equation struck me (in the shower).

STRESS = Demand (of Time/Money/Energy) - Supply (of Time/Money/Energy)

WOW I feel like a genius.

PS: Blogging after a really really long time. I had almost given up but for some reason I felt like sharing this on the blog instead of FB or Twitter.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The S O S

It had been a lazy Saturday for her. Uploading pics, texting friends and forwarding jokes all day, she decided to get a life and headed to a pub to meet with friends. After some chitchat and a bit of drinking she decided to drop out and catch a cab home while the others decide to stay. The moment she stepped out, she realized that the cabbies were on strike. Cursing them and then her own misfortune she turned to the long dark road to the nearest bus stop but soon her anger turned to fear as she heard footsteps shadowing her. It was late and the road was lonely which made her panic all the more. She brisked up her pace only to find that the footsteps followed step. She further quickened, turning into a lane hoping to lose the shadow behind. But today was just not her day for the person turned behind her. She began to sweat thinking of the consequences. Without a second thought she flipped out her phone to call her dad. Her mind went blank when she got the busy tone. After about trying 5 times she decided to text him. She quickly typed a SOS message and hit send hoping he would read it immediately and call, only to find a glaring message on her cellphone screen...

'Check operator Services'

"Damn these 100 texts get over so quickly", She cursed as broke into a run.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Through Her Eyes...

I looked at her staring at nothingness, maybe in some deep thought. She was one of the most stunningly beautiful girl I had ever seen. It was just impossible to not notice her. Honey was her complexion with killer eyes to match. I found myself staring at her but she didn't seem to mind. Her eyes were fixated at a spot in a distance. I found myself thinking more about her. Maybe she was waiting for a guy. For a very lucky guy that is! For a girl with her beauty, surely the guy had to be a hunk. And then he came. Strangely the guy was very dark and he could be called anything but handsome. I wonder what was wrong with the girl. She could have had any guy she wanted. She smiled a sparkle when he tiptoed in from behind her and whispered something into her ear. Oh I was going crazy thinking about her but it all stopped when she reached for her white cane.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Glaring Truth

I looked up as the stilettos clattered outside my cosmetics shop. Mesmerized by the sight of this fine lady that was walking in, I tried hard not to stare but in vain. Long legs that went forever wrapped in a silken skirt. And a white top that hugged her in all the right places. Her skin was a flawless wheatish and her features almost perfect. A large pair of sunglasses masked her pretty face. She ran her fingers through her hair which made me notice her rather large diamond ring. 

"Rich, Beautiful and Married", I thought, "What more could one want!" 

The next moment she walked up to me, removed her glares and asked, "Can you gimme something to hide this black eye?"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Irony

He settled on his throne and inhaled the smell of the currency notes. Staring at the bundles, wide-eyed, he had never seen so much cash at one place before. It had taken him three hours  to just count it. Time and again he slipped into day dreams thinking what he could do with this kind of money. He looked at a clock and shuddered back to reality. With a sigh the cashier put the cash in the vault and checked his pocket to see if he had enough coins for the bus journey home.
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