Sunday, October 2, 2011

The S O S

It had been a lazy Saturday for her. Uploading pics, texting friends and forwarding jokes all day, she decided to get a life and headed to a pub to meet with friends. After some chitchat and a bit of drinking she decided to drop out and catch a cab home while the others decide to stay. The moment she stepped out, she realized that the cabbies were on strike. Cursing them and then her own misfortune she turned to the long dark road to the nearest bus stop but soon her anger turned to fear as she heard footsteps shadowing her. It was late and the road was lonely which made her panic all the more. She brisked up her pace only to find that the footsteps followed step. She further quickened, turning into a lane hoping to lose the shadow behind. But today was just not her day for the person turned behind her. She began to sweat thinking of the consequences. Without a second thought she flipped out her phone to call her dad. Her mind went blank when she got the busy tone. After about trying 5 times she decided to text him. She quickly typed a SOS message and hit send hoping he would read it immediately and call, only to find a glaring message on her cellphone screen...

'Check operator Services'

"Damn these 100 texts get over so quickly", She cursed as broke into a run.

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