Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mission impausable

I guess I'm on a Blogging Spree!!! All that stuff I had planned to write while my Broadband was down is oozing out of by brain!

Me and a friend have started a fitness mission from next week today. Shez into Yoga, I'm into... ummm..... errrrr....... jogging I guess. I dunno, mainly I'm into Sleep!

Now we have agreed to keep a watch on each otherz routines so that neither will go astray and/or neither will blame the other if we end up losing our minds rather than weight!

This Morning:

Gulab Jamun Gal : Hie Good Morn. Finally aaj se yoga shuru hua mera... Hoping for more improvements in myself... (like telling the truth for a change) Gd Day!

Me : Me too woke up early today! (No sign of any workout) Today we begin our tryst with a fitter destiny! And months later we'll emerge slimmer, fitter, better creatures!Cheers to That!

GJ: Hehehe... Yup. We will emerge Stronger, sexier & saucier & hope to see a better you and me... in clothes of smaller sizes... Atleast the mirror wont shy from fitting us into him lolz

Me: We could get a larger mirror! But I'm fighting till the end! And later celebrate our success with some sugar free gulab jamuns!

GJ: Yup Our fight is with the mirror. we wont give up. The sugar free Gulab Jamuns & Choc Cake is our final destination. We will reach there soon. Few months to go :-)

Now that the Oath has been taken, I just hope these months don't turn into years like most of our Govt. Projects!


Karthik said...

Were you guys discussing about fitness regiment or which bakery to go? lol.. :P
Gulab jamoon, cakes... :D

Saurabh Panshikar said...

You need to set a goal in order to achieve it man!
We get plenty of exercise by Beating around the bush, jumping to conclusions etc etc! lol

Disha said...

Well I m the Gulab Jamun girl.... We both r trying to achieve the unimaginable... Gulab Jamuns & Cakes r destiny... Here we cum............
I knw even the mirror is ready to shy frm our slimmer selves.....Saurabh U better start.... lets beat it 2gether......

Sorcerer said...

There you go!!!
Lememe tell ya mate..Its so fun to jog in the morning..
accompanied by chirping of birds(Read Chicks).

Iam sure you will make it a routine.Who wanna miss out.

Ashley said...

LOl...Shouldn't you be discussing the fitness regime more than the sweets? All the best with this one! :D

Saurabh Panshikar said...

@ Disha

So much for your privacy! Next time I'm blogging bout you, i'm not telling!

@ Sorcerer

Ahem... Village... Chicks?
We get to see Readl Biological Chicks tho... They are beaking the road along with their poultry parents! But its not much fun to watch them.


Can't you see? We're doin it for the goodies! not for the fatness. Oops Fitness! Its like how terrorist are urged to fight by showing them rewards. Samjhe?

Saurabh Panshikar said...

The bright side is that you can't sue me now!

angel from heaven said...

Sounds like procrastination to me!!lolz

Anonymous said...

You sound so much like me in making these plans.
Am joining you and Gj gal aka disha for the project Lol!
Inbetween..."GET WELL SOON"...

*biological chicks or hot chicks both are great :~P

Manjari Singh said...

hahha. wow my plans always go astray.

I wake up with the alarm but only to put it off!

i would start from morrow no matter what!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

@angel from heaven
you are discouraging me! I'm too lazy to even type that huge "procras..." work you wrote!

Thank you Ji. I'm good now. And I assure you that the fever was not an excuse for the huge word above!

I do that all the time. I always seem to fumble with the "Snooze" and "Off" Functions. and I get sooooo irritated when I Snooze instead of turning it off. Then I stay awake to turn it off when it rings again in 5 mins and then drift into my blissful slumber! How stupid is that!

Gopsay said...

Good plan in place and perfect execution! You both are going places in your quest. Hope the fitness regime doesn't get stalled! Neat write-up! Continue writing!

Reader said...

First things first: HAHAHA!
Secondly, what are you currently doing to get into shape Mr.? besides ranting about it on blogs...;)
Mujhe tera nahi pata lekin that blog certainly made me hungry...I am also trying to get back in shape...before next summer...hope it all works out for all of us (me, you and your GJ friend...)


Saurabh Panshikar said...

Thanks Gopsay... Currently the only work out i'm doin is pushing my fingers against the keyboard!

Just make sure you look your best when you come to India! I don want you givin stupid excuses. Samjhe?

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