Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hadippa? Really?

We come from the land of bollywood, where goons are killed with a mere verbal "dhishkyaon" while heroes travel across continents will a bullet in their skulls. Where a heroine is saved at the end no matter what and the hero ki Maa has tears as standard accesories.

In bollywood music plays a major part in the movie. There have been instances when a movie has been woven around the songs. Sadly gone are the days of sensible melodies. We rarely even listen to the actual words of songs these days. All we like is the moojic. Every song has a remix made to prove it's popularity. I fear soon there will be a time when bollywood will be ruled by trance music having just a groovy beat and no words at all.

To prove my point further, I give the example of the following song.

Dil Bole Hadippa!

This happens to be a song from a film of the same name that bombed at the box office. That was bound to happen considering the fact that Rani Mukherjee was trying to pull a la Bhuvan in the Lagaan-sque movie. What puzzled me more was the title track. I played it once, and then again, and then again. I just couldn't find something sensible in it. So I went to Googlebaba and asked the meaning of the lyrics. (Googlebaba knows everything.)

Soon enough I found a link.

Here is the meaning of the song. (it touched me heart.)


Duniya Firangi Syappa Hai
The world is a crazy, crazy place

Fikar Hi Gum Ka Papa Hai

Where worry is the root of all troubles

Apna To Bas Yeh Jaapa Hai

That's why we believe

Fikar Karein Fukarey

Only the silly worry

Chewing Gum Hai Chabbi Ja

Life's a chewing gum, just keep chewing

Hand Pump Hai Dabbi Ja

Life's a hand pump, just keep pumping

Life Ka Joosa Kaddi Ja

Squeeze the last drop out of life

Fikar Karein Fukarey - 2

And leave the worrying to the silly

Khush Rehne Ka Nahin Lagda Koi Tax O Rabba

There's no tax on happiness

Oye Bhool Fikraa Hai Jigraa

So forget your worries, show some heart

Toh Sang Mere Bol Hadippa - 4

And shout out Hadippa!

Kothi Na Maal Hadippa

No mansion and no money

Na Gore Gaal Hadippa

Not even your beauty

Nahin Jaaney Tere Naal Chahe Kitna Sambhaal

is going to the grave with you

Chhadd Mitti Daal Hadippa - 2

So dump the thought

Khushiyaan Tu Weh Char Le

Gobble up all your joys

Hath Dono Weh Bhar Le

With both hands

Khabba Ho Ya Sajja

The right and the left

Oye Bhool Fikraa Hai Jigraa

Toh Sang Mere Bol Hadippa - 4

Nazron Se Bol Hadippa

Let your eyes give it all away

Koi Jo Kol Hadippa

When you're with somebody special

Kari Zyaada Gol Mol, Teri Khul Jaani Pol

Play games and you'll be exposed

Yeh Dil Ka Dhol Hadippa - 2

By the drumbeat of your heart

Derby Ho Ya Dhaka

In Derby or in Dhaka

Rab Tera Ho Raakha

God will watch out for you

Padne De Tu Tippa

If you go with your instinct

Oye Bhool Fikraa Hai Jigraa

Toh Sang Mere Bol Hadippa – 4

 If there really is a God, he should prove himself by sending us some real good songwriters!


Abhilash Ruhela said...

u r right...lyrics are worst now-a-days...and even voices are so low that its hard to understand them...but still there are many composers who are doing a worthy job..we should appreciate them too..

Rajlakshmi said...

is that lyrics!!!! didnt watch that movi... haven't listened to the song as well.. and i am really glad :P

Nethra said...

I like this one. :) One of my favorite songs. :)

Karthik said...

This is the meaning of the song?? I couldn't hear except "hadippa"
Googlebaba ki jai!

And not only trance music will rule the world, but also rap. Hindi rap, punjabi rap, and sometimes english too. 2pac will come out of his grave and then commit suicide for sure.

Thanks for putting up the translation, dude. It's certainly awesome. Sooooopar post.

Avada Kedavra said...

Haha.. even I was wondering what the song meant. Then I thought maybe it was in punjabi and dint pay attention. The lyrics is so meaningless!

Rajesh said...

Very true. There are no more meaningful songs in Hindi movies now.

Shilpa Garg said...

You got this meaning at Google!! Wow!!

I had never heard the lyrics of this song, and reading it here, 'enlightened' me!!
Cheers! Ooops Hadippa! :P

Neha said...

The music directors indeed kill beautiful songs! Like for example "pehli nazar mein" by Atif Aslam where in between of this melodious song comes crappy English lyrics "baby i love you" wtf? it wasn't needed! it was done simply to make the music sound more urban and youth but it brutally murdered an awesome track. And what can i say about "dil bole hadippa" it is a MASTERPIECE like the movie :P


Megha said...

Dunno about others, but I like the song, nice beats, but I never understood what the guy was singing. Now that u've posted the lyrics, it has interested me...

Neha said...

hahaahahahahahha..this is amazing..I knew the song was senseless; but I didn't know that I was right :D

Chanz said...

well, i wont really talk about the lyrics because they are the most 'un'sensible ones...

talking abt the movie, I haven't seen it as yet. But it is a remake of She's the man (i suppose).. I have seen this movie and i liked it.. but somebody told me that Dil bole Hadippa is better than tban She's the man.. well, I have my doubts...

Tavish Chadha(sensible-bakwas.com) said...

u r right. Ppl hardly go by the lyrics these days. One song that has caught everyone's attention is aye khuda from pathshala. I love the music in that but the words are just meaning less to the context of the song... but then when u listen to songs like kaise bataie kyun tujhko chahein from APKGK they r good... so its not all that bad in Bollywood. But yes, the focus thesedays is more on the music than the lyrics.

It was a very nice read Saurabh...


Megha said...

hey, I have an award for you on my blog.

Saurabh Panshikar said...

thanks for the comments ppl
I guess its all about foot tapping music these days. It doesn't matter if the words don't tap your heart!

megha thanks for the award

Aatmajyoti Arya said...

@saurabh... this translation is simply awesome.. great job :) No one could ever possibly think of it :)
Thanks a ton.. It sounded like dance number earlier,now sounds like inspirational :P :)

Aya Samy said...

I want to know the meaning of the word( hadippa )

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