Friday, January 15, 2010

Cricket almost killed me...

It was a sunny day. I was fed up of studying (as usual) and was getting bored. There was nothing to do at home. No people to play pranks on, no kids to harass, no chicks to check out. I felt like a child in a bank.

While I was roaming in the house suddenly my dad noticed that my hair had grown beyond the ‘length of management’. “Go get a haircut. You look like a Goat!” he said. Now I never care to shave or get a haircut until and unless someone reminds me that I’m looking like some Stone Age Man.

So I kicked my bike and went for a haircut. I’m not one of those who’d fancy a long relaxing haircut/shave/massage. Being surrounded by gossipy people and sharp steel instruments does not comfort me much. Much to my dismay I discover that a cricket match is going on. All eyes are glued to the TV (what is the need of a TV in a hair cutting place anyways!) Boy I HATE Cricket so much!

Thus the whole ordeal started. This cuttingwala took me for a dummy used in crash testing it seems. He was revolving my head trying to check whether there was any creaking noise coming from my pivot joint! Finally he started his work with the damn scissors. Cut Cut Cut… Snip Snip Snip. As if he was trying to show off that he was doing a great piece of art. Personally I don’t give a damn coz my preferred ‘cut’ is the Ghajini cut which will keep me away from the hair dressers for at least 2-3 months and it requires the least talent!

Most of the time, his eyes were glued to the TV, which was making me more tensed than the batsman who was just about to score a century. I feared the consequences of the century… What if this cuttingwala jumped? Got excited? Raised his scissors (bat) in the air to salute the spectators? I had begun to sweat now (as if I was the captain of the losing team)

I must say this guy had some talent. He was snipping away bindass all the while looking at the TV (even I can send sms while looking at the professor’s face!). Plus he was giving gr8 gyaan on the players too. Some Fan huh! I was waiting for the whole thing to get over as soon as possible. Suddenly his favorite batsman got out. My heart skipped a beat and his scissors a few inches. I rushed closer to the mirror to check the damage. Thankfully it was negligible. I thanked God that he was not shaving my beard at that time!

But I guess even god was in a wicked mood that day. Soon he finished with my hair and turned towards my beard. The cricket match was getting more and more interesting (Sadly!) I was desperately praying to God to make it rain so that the match gets abandoned. I was ready to sing Malhar or even do a ‘ooga cha cha booga cha cha’ rain dance if need be. My mind drifted off to Facebook and Mafia Wars wherein you “slice” your opponents. Why the hell did I ever come to this place before checking what was on the TV?

He started on my face with the sharp razor. Needless to day I was getting worried if my hair would ever grow again. I was beginning to plot the murders of the people who invented cricket altogether. It was the last over and the match had reached an over excited stage. Even I had reached an over excited stage. What if the blade went directly through my throat? What if it damaged my sensual vocal cords? Oh hell I din want to get sacrificed to the demon called cricket! It was the last few balls. Few runs needed. The hairdressers place had turned into a stadium. But this idiot wouldn’t let go of my neck.

It was the last ball. 4 runs to win. I was feeling weak. Almost passing out! The bowler went for his run up. People were getting so close to the TV, that they could almost enter it. Cuttingwala was going in for the kill…. Err I mean the last swish of the blade.

“STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP" I screamed! "I need a glass of water.” He stared at me like I’d asked for some Rum. Luckily he removed his hand from the radius of my neck. The last bowl was balled, and got hit for a SIX! OMG was I happy that I was safe! Everyone jumped with joy. He came back with a smile and a glass of water. I gulped it down even though I din need it. I guess he watched the last ball from beyond the water filter.

It was my time to leave. I asked him "Kitna?" He was so happy that we won, that he did not take a dime from me. Amazed by his reactions, I got out of the place quickly lest he changes his mind. Boy do I LOVE Cricket!

PS: This post is dedicated to SivArchana of Yemiledu who inspired, coerced, forced, nudged, demanded and ordered me into writing this post. Dunno what's wrong, but I have many topics in mind to write about but when I face the keyboard, I just feel so lazy that I procrastinate it. Lets hope this is a new beginning and I'll continue to irritate you guys with the lovable rubbish that I usually dish out!


Quirky said... should have paid him for letting you walk out of there alive ;)

Anonymous said...

You dedicated such a sweet wonderfully written post for me???
Boy!! I am so happy!! :~)
* With almost tears of happiness in my eye. (not kidding)

When I started reading this post I was thinking...You said writers block and here you are weaving words in such a passionate way!

‘ooga cha cha booga cha cha’ -->Loved this line!!!

Karthik said...

I could so relate to this post. Bloody morons! If not cricket, my barber puts on MTV. Now don't you think it has the same effect?!
Wonderfully narrated. Loved the write-up! :-)

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Lol yes... True. But I rather not mess with him. Hez the one who holds the scissors!

Thank You
Thank You
Thank You

hehe My cuttingwala curses MTV! Maybe he doesn't get the angrezi in it. Imagine your next right to left ------> right to left with the ticker! lol

Raksha Raman said...

Good post Saurabh! Singing Malhar to invoke rain God! Had it happened, you'd have made it to the record books straight and shared the pages of History with the great Tansen!;) Talk of multi-tasking..sending texts while amidst a lecture!

I can empathize with you on the writer's block bit...hope you get out of it asap and come up with good stuff! Good luck buddy!

Sorcerer said...

AWesome!! simply awesome!!
Loved every bit of it buddy!!

and Thank you Yemiledu for actually, giving threats to him
This post is soo wonderful

Saurabh Panshikar said...

@Rakhsha Raman
Thank you... I dunno anything about malhar other than the name! lol
Sending texts is my talents!
Therez no writers block as such... Rather a Typist's block!

Hey thanks a lot man! Such praise coming from a guy with a 100+ follower strong blog is mighty inspiring! Hip Hip Hurrah to Yemiledu!

geeta said...

Gajini style OMG!!

anyways words woven in a fantastic way....awesome!!

Anoop Johnson said...

LOL!! Reminds me of the time I played football and ran into a wire that was holding an antenna in place .. My dad found me while I was choking he he

Hitesh said...

one question through out the post....why would you go out of your home when the match is at such exciting stage.......seriously i wouldn't do that the game that much.......exactly the way the barber likes it.......

and you'll find a hell lot of us out there...... :)


Oxymoron said...

wow....awesome was hilarious...loved the narration...i am not a huge fan of cricket either....i like my hair long and messy....just like goat.. you have given me another reason not to visit my cuttingwala....
hey give my blog a visit i write at

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Thanks for the compliment.

@Anoop Johnson
Not your fault dude. You kept you eyes on the Ball. Thats wat the coach says!

Dude I m not too interested in cricket. I mean not that much that I can't even miss a ball
*ducks down to dodge the things being thrown at him by die hard cricket fanz*

Thanks for dropping by. I did check out your blog. Following you.

Lazy Pineapple said...

heheheh you're funny. Loved the post. Was able to imagine the whole scene. Lucky for you India won. And tum 'Ball Ball bacche'.

Gyanban said...

congrats on the Tangy pick ! well deserved.

Saurabh Panshikar said...

@LAzy Pineapple
Thanks a lot. Readers can imagine what is written. What more does a blogger want? and LOL @ Ball Ball

Thank you. Thank You again

susie said...

hahaa reminds of the time when my aunt had chopped my hair :D

loved the post.. :) keep writing

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Chopped you hair? LOL
Thanks a lot. Keep visiting.

Chatterbox said...

Fantastic narrative Saurabh :)
My hairdresser is obsessed with MTV, she literally dances along while playing with my hair making me go tense with every passing minute.

Keep up the wonderful work saurabh, it's always fun reading your posts :D


Shas said...

Ha ha...that was funny. Am glad ur friend cajoled u to write this post.
Keep it up!!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Thanks a lot. Do keep visiting. I'm honoured

Thank you... Even I'm glad she did!

*smiles at the word 'cajole'! That was the d he was looking for*

Preeti said...

MAzaa Aa Gaya! Awesome man! Well penned down..:)

Dhiman said...

That was really hilarious and Thank God my saloon has only radio :D .... Congratz on Tangy Tuesday and Thanks a lot for blogrolling me hopping back to add you ....

Mural! said...

"goat", "raised his scissors", "rain dance", "mafia wars" "sensual vocal cords", "cuttingwala goin in for the kill", "rum!!"(nice pick!), hehe nice sarcam, went through the post a second time!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Thanks a lot... Happy that you enjoyed it!

Lucky you... Thanks man

Hehe Thanks man... Really appreciate your comment.

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