Thursday, December 10, 2009


Its been 4+ months since I've been in this exhilarating world of blogging and I must say I feel at home already. Frankly speaking I'd never expected that my blog would have so many followers and further still I never dreamed I'd get such cool comments and encouragement from fellow bloggers who have come a long way, their minds ignited, their brains buzzing and finger tapping like crazy (on the keyboard of course)

*Recite in a Hollywood War Movie Inspiration Speech Tone*
So Today 

I take this pledge 

to visit the blog 

of each and every of my follower/commentator 

and thank them 

for being the sweethearts that they are. 

To remind them 

that they will be valued forever. And to request them to check out all my further posts.
*Trumpets and loud applause*

PS: I quit my job this week and I am happy about it. The reasons being:
1. Due to the "recession" there was no work going on on site due to which the only 'experience' I got was Dirty Politics, Bitching, and playing the blame game (at Olympic level)
2. I got my exams coming close. So gotta study for that.
3. Read Point 1 again

I am happy about it because this is the same company who had kicked me out (and later called me back) due to recession which gave me ample time to compile my blogging ideas. This time I realized what Rihanna meant when she said "Revenge is Sweet"
I hope history repeats itself and, this free time period gives me better ideas to blog about. Cheers to that!


Karthik said...

It's been four months now? Time sure flies by quickly. And by the way, don't forget to remember that I was one of the few bloggers that wrote comments on your first two posts. :D
You quite the job? Well, no problem. Let's just say, "Aaaaall iiiiiss welllll..."
Nice post as usual. :
And thanks for voting me, dude. I really appreciate it. :)

My Foot? said...

*wipes away a tear*
That was beautiful!

Oh, revenge, revenge. This might be the only time I agree with something Rihanna has to say.

Enjoying your blog. Keep up the great work.

Arjun said...

haha... U have a FUN way of telling things... Enjoyed it..!! :)

OH, 4 months into blogging?? Cool man....

One thing blogging has done to me is FRIENDS.... I'll be ever thankful for that :) Hope ur followers develop into friends.. Have a nice time... ;)


Sorcerer said...

god speed mate
blog is the therapy!!
saves lot on tranquilizers.

Divya said...

Good luck :) Ive been blogging 4 years and even that has gone by ridiculously fast :P

Anonymous said...

Quit the job! Good boy! Now study hard :~P
Don't quit blogging...ever. OKAY!


Shilpa Garg said...

Happy 4th month blogoversary!!
Blogging fraternity is amazing!! The kind of support, comradeship, intelligence, diversity you see here is just mind blowing!!

Wishing you the very best!
And Happy Blogging too! :)
Cheers :)

SiD said...

well first off...erm...happy 4 months blogversary...erm..

well, kudos to leaving the job and I am with you too, I have submitted my resignation today in protest of 15 firings done in the name of layoff in our company too...:D

So cheers, to a crappy jobs and super claps to the us...ossum people who like to take revenge.

Keep blogging bro...:D

P.s. I am adding you on facebook and gtalk. Lets catch up.

Quirky said...

Sniff sniff..(Thatz coz am still reeling under the effect of your comment) All the best..Sniff sniff..

angel from heaven said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.Good luck with the exams. and keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

3. Read Point 1 again....:) That was cute...
And Happpy Blog-o-versary...
Good luck with ur studies....

Prats said...

Reached here from the recco on Pals blog and i must say really enjoyed being here....

Subscribed to the feed hope to be here often.

mani said...

you have achieved a lot in 4 months. good going.liked the gulab jamun gal posta lot.

Priyanka. M. said...

Good.. All The Best!! DO WELL

Saurabh Panshikar said...

dude I knew you would be amongst the first to comment! Really treasure your comments...

@My Foot?
Thank you. I enjoy your blog too.

Thanks man... friends for life!

Hehe! God speed id you dude...

nice. Theory of relativity i guess

Yes Didi
No Didi
Ok Didi.... Cheers!

@Shilpa Garg
Well said... I guess this was built for me! Thanks a lot

Thanks man and welcome to the League of Extraordinary but Jobless Gentlemen! Thanks for following

Herez a tissue... and get back to your quirky self!

@angel from heaven
Thanks. Thanks

Thank you... Cheers

Thanks for following. M glad you like my blog. Enjoy your stay

You really think so? Awwwww Thank you! The Goodwill of the GJG just increased... Now she'll ask me favors to use her name in my blog!

@Priyanka. M.
Thank you
Thank you
Yes I will!

Megha said...

Happy blogging & All the best for exams!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Thank you... I will

Chatterbox said...

Bravo Saurabh!!
I know it takes lots of guts to resign from a job especially in such difficult times when no job is secure to last.

Good luck for your exams :)

Congratulations on your blog's 4 month anniversary.

Let's stay in touch.


Psych Babbler said...

It's great that you are so optimistic on resigning from a job! Wishing you all the best in you new beginnings. And yeah, it's not worth sticking to a job that doesn't keep you happy! And congrats on the 4 months! :D

Nu said...

Wish you all the luck and happy blogging :)

Oxymoron said...

hey...i see you are on a blog visiting spree i hope you wouldn,t mind visiting mine...anyways best of luck for your exams....

i write at

Uncommon Sense said...

its always good to be jobless, u will get great ideas

Chanz said...

I just crossed your blog and the first post I read, caught ma eye. No, actually the pledge caught my eye.. Super greedy, thats what I am..


So now you have another follower. So lets clap for the new follower.. :P

Cheers to you

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Hey thanks for the inspirational words... Ya lets stay in touch!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

@Psych Babbler
Thank you... Thank You

Thank you... I wish you the same

Just checked your blog... I loved the template... Now checking the content out! and Thank you

@Uncommon Sense
lol! I second that... An Idle mind is a blogger's workshop!

Thanks for dropping in..... I'm following you too..... Like a stalker!

Shruti said...

Hey happy blogoversary!! 4th month completion eh?! Almost we both started blogging at the same time.. May be am few days senior to you! But you have a nice way of approach to things which you write! Keep up the good work!


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Welcome back. Surely my blog needs u :P

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Thanks for the words of appreciation. All the best to you too

@Mahesh Sindbandge
Thanx man

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