Sunday, October 24, 2010


  • Nokia
  • Lauret
  • Oral B
  • Close up
  • Old Spice
  • Gilette
  • Dove
  • Pepe Jeans
  • Peter England
  • Nokia
  • Kelloggs
  • Happy Dent
  • Reebok
  • Bajaj Pulsar
  • Cello
  • HP
  • BSNL Dataone
  • HP
  • Bajaj Pulsar
  • Sony
  • Transcend
  • Creative
  • Oral B
  • Close up
  • Kurl-on

Well these are usually the brands that I use from the start to end of my day. Hey this could be turned into a tag!


Anonymous said...

You know what Brother!!
You are a the way you think.
A simple but a very innovative post!!

Megha said...

thats ok saurabh....but i also see Heineken, do u use it too everyday ? ;)

Anonymous said...

And I thought Dove was only for women?!!! Anyway, interesting tag.

Nethra said...

You surely do not wear pepe jeans and peter england everyday. And why Dove? You want a soft, smooth skin?

BK Chowla, said...

This is an award winning post

Rajlakshmi said...

Kelloggs :D long time haven't had that

Chanz said...

hohoho.... mind blowing...!!

Roshmi Sinha said...

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kanagu said...

all these things for a single day!!! :D :D amazing :)

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Thank you thank you sis

That pic is just to decorate the post. So don't get any ideas!

What don't you know Dove 1/4th moisturizing cream!

So you want me to list every cloth brand I wear? And dove is dove! bass!

@BK Sir
Thank you Sir...

I have chocos usually... Don't fancy the cornflakes much.

Glad to have you commenting on my blog. Achha lagta hai!

Man I want you to take up this tag. Let me know when you do...

Sorcerer said...

okies..Its good to wear JOCKEY under the pepe stuff.
I know..I know you believe in the freedom of movement..but it stops your thoughts from wandering away too far out!

Nice..See ya buddy

ps:You dont expect unusual comments from you?

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