Friday, July 9, 2010

Know Me - Tag

Yay I got tagged! By none other than Meghana! Now how cool is that! In this tag, supposedly, I have to write few things about myself that you people may now know.

But firstly following the Blogger code of conduct, I have to say goody goody things about Meg...

Meg is this bubbly, zany, sweet gal who writes great poems on her blog Megzone. She writes nice poems with minimum words effortlessly. Most importantly, her poems are easy to understand. She is a great networker and has a huge fan following. She participates in almost all the contests in the Blogverse and manages to keep in touch with all her virtual friends.

I remember Chanz had tagged me with a similar Honest Scrap Tag. So a few things about her too... Chandni is a frank and no-nonsense blogger. She blogs about life from her eyes, but really writes from her heart. I've been away from her blog for a while but going back once I finish with this.
OK now that thatz done, lets do the tag...

Doing such tags is not an easy job for me. It involves a lot of introspection and thinking. Add to that the fact that I am plain lazy. So gals, that is why I am taking this one so late.

  1. I find it very hard to say 'no' to people. It gets me into trouble sometimes, but i just can't help it.
  2. I am highly adjustable with people and surroundings. I can put up with any kind of people without cribbing. Same way, i don't have a problem adjusting to new places... That makes me the ultimate employee ainit?!
  3. I love living in a village than living in a city... I really don't care if i do not get all the comfy amenities... I secretly wish some one leaves me an inheritance of 25-30 buffaloes. I'd give up everything and get into livestock bijness!
  4. I really really don't care for money. Till date I have seen a lot of money come and go... So I'd rather have a moderate income and more time on my hands than loads of money but no time to spend it...
  5. Phew only 4 done? Man this is tough!
  6. I think birth and death is highly overrated. Some of my friends think its a sin to forget birthdays... Well I'm going to hell for sure. And I feel everything has to come to an end. People die... Deal with it. Their time was up. So they had to go... You crying for ages and skipping dinner is not going to bring them back...
  7. I just hate changing cellphones and numbers. Its a real pain keeping track.
  8. I pity people who take life too seriously.
  9. I simply love to text people. Texting is my twitter. But i feel sad when people don't reply. I mean if I spent so much time typing that stuff, least you can do is acknowledge it by giving a ring.
  10. Finally... I expect very little from life in general. I'm a thorough optimistic. Maybe that is why people find me a little too happy.
Now comes the tagging part... Well this is an open tag... Anyone is free to take it... The more interesting the better... Just leave a link at the bottom when you do...


Aparna said...

i love villages too...i wish i can go back to my native place with lush greenery and cute buffaloes all over...i love milking them too!

so true that moderate income and happiness is way better than a 6 figure salary no time to spend with family and tensions

Chanz said...

u better come back to my blog.. its a dhamki... Grrrrrr..!!

Neha said...

I know yaar! its a real pain to remember birthdays :(

Well i can't say "NO" either! Its high time we improve ourselves.

Nice tag! got to know you better


Saurabh Panshikar said...

Aparna thanks for dropping in... I hope you din have to jump the gates of this blog! OOPS!

Chanz... Here I come...

It was time you knew me better :P
Dekha I'm so relatable!

Nethra said...

Even I hate changing cellphones frequently and I wont mind living in a village if not for frequent power cuts. I hate power cuts.

Anyway, cool tag! :)

Chatterbox said...

Wow! that was wonderful tag, enjoyed knowing you a bit better.
I liked your trick of skipping one point with #5.

Now that's a different kind of inclusion about what you think about life rather than what all you do in a honesty tag :)

Wishing you loads of good times and success ahead.


Saurabh Panshikar said...

Why don't you take it? Thanks for liking it.

Thanks a lot doc! Always nice hearing from you...

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