Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poore Bachpan - 55-er - Marathon #8

He woke up in a hospital bed. Alive. He couldn't believe it. He was not dead after all. He could remember returning from practice and a bike coming from the wrong side. Relieved that he could still run the marathon, his dream, he tried getting up but froze. He couldn't feel his legs.

PS: This one just struck me outta the blue while I was studying economics. As per instructions from @Sorcerer I just saved it in my cell, but couldn't wait to post it. So this is like my mostest fastest post from the conceptualizing -----> publishing point of view. Why am I typing this rubbish? Coz I don wanna go back to study economics!

I just realized that blogging aint gonna help me score marks in my exam which starts TOMORROW! So I better get back to study. Thanks to all the people who'll comment wishing me luck for the exams... I guess I'll be outta blogsville for a while but I'll surely be reading your stuff through Google Reader...

OMG I can't think of anything else to write... It means they'll be taking me back! My time is over! ECONOMICS........ Here I come!

*Quickly rechecks the word count just in case some of the #blog_vultures are prying!


Chanz said...

Hahaha... dont worry... vultures wont trouble u... :P

btw all the best for the exams... I know u have already thanked everybody for the wishes but do come back once in a while to check... :P

good luck..

Megha said...

hmm...nice and fast work :)

All the best for the exams...
marathi madhe boltat na...kiti dive lavtoys :D

Chatterbox said...

Good Luck for the exams Saurabh :D

I know from personal experience that brightest of ideas to write about strike our mind whenever we have textbooks in hand.

Wonderful work at 55-fiction :)


Anonymous said...

Blog Vultures...:~D
That was the best of all your 55 fictions so far!!
So write more and yeah ALL the VERY BEST!!


Uncommon Sense said...

economics aint that boring is it? its just that we have to read it tht makes it boring

Mural! said...

nice piece! all the best for your ECONOMINCS exam.......I always write on the spur of the moment, thinking dumbs me down :D so a highfive ;)

Adisha said...

lolzz... studying sucks !! :)) All the vest best for your exams ...

Nice 55er...

Shilpa Garg said...

That was a good one!!
My experience says, impromptu posts are always best!
All the very best for your exams! :)

Tavish Chadha said...

nice one buddy... keep it up!!
All the best for your exams!! :)

kavita said...

All the best for your exams.

kavita said...

All the best for your exams.

Anonymous said...

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Shas said...

All the best for ur exams.

Anonymous said...

That was an awesome 55-er. Well done!!

Ashley said...

Ah! So True..Ideas strike when one is seriously strapped for time.
Glad you posted this one though. Made a very nice and slightly shocking read!

All da best for your exams. :)

hitch writer said...

a good 55-er and thank god its fiction !!!!

Crepuscule Colour said...

Stumbled upon your blog. Loved the post :)

I liked the title too.. thoughts that strike when one's too busy doing nothing. Can totally relate to that! :)

Anonymous said...

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Shruti Mukundan said...

gud luck with ur exams :)

hope u do well..

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Thanks for the wishes. Exams were good. And the REAL vultures got the point.

Haha... Mast dive lavlet! Kalch sampli pariksha

True... And thanks

Thank you for the wishes...

@Uncommon Sense
Yes man... We use it everyday... But when we gotta write in the exams, I hate it.

Thanks Man... HI5

@Thanks for visiting.... Thanks for the wishes.

@Shilpa Garg
Thank you...

Thanks man...

Thanks for the double double wishes!


Thanks a lot.

Hey thanks a lot.... hope to write many more

Thanks a lot... Exams were good.

@Hitch Writer
Ya thank god its fiction. Thanks for the appreciation

Well you got a funky name I say... Thanks for considering the whole blog... Appreciate it.

I can tell you that you should Kolhapuri chappals! They are awesome! And you din comment regarding my post, So I am not clicking on your link!

Thank you... Well exams were good. Now lets hope the examiners do well!

Nethra said...

Ouch! That was very bad.
Nice story. Your 55 fictions are good. :)

myself said...

hey good job :)

the creativity in you in amazing. What I liked the most, is how you take the story from 0 to 100..the climax, the punch, the moral is striking.

Keep it up..
n ya al the best for your exams.

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Thanks a lot... You like it... I'm happy!

Thank you... Thanks a lot. I say you have a real talent for commenting... You say everything that a blogger wants to hear!

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