Thursday, September 3, 2009

Identity Crisis?

I was just checking my orkut account today when i got a friend request from a guy (or maybe a gal) whose name was "living life to the fullest"
I racked my brains to recollect a certain guy or gal who introduced himself to me as "hey man. I am Living life to the fullest. Pleased to meet you"
Thats when i realised that the social networking bug is sucking the brains of ppl dry.

Whenever you update your profile, there is a First Name Field and a Last Name Field. Ppl are supposed to write Their Own First Name and Last Name in the respective places.
But i just don get it... Why the need to express yourself so explicitly when hardly a few ppl care?
And if there is an urgent need, ORKUT has a Status Field right below the name. You can change it countless times to tell whether you are eating, sleeping, or just changing yo status msg to get some rare attention!
Today a distant friend calls me and while chatting he says hez added me as a friend on orkut. I said that I din get it and then he says that hez the guyz whoz living life to the fullest!
I brainwashed him left and right, asking him whether he writes the same name on his resume or his bank cheques. But i don think he really got what i said, coz now his orkut name is "Brainwashed, But Still Living Life to the Fullest" lol
One more thing that bothers me is the use of absurd symbols to make up alphabets in names (i admit I have tried it too)
I was once $@UR@B# but i got over it. Can you imagine the time ppl waste in writing names in such complex manner?
And they never consider the fact that others may think of searching them by typing their Normal Names!!!
Here are few more ppl who i have to figure out!
"***$ID***" """BRING IT ON"""
† †®[]}{ă/\/† † † † Ðşøüžā † †
$@/\/KET comin bak
and on and on the list goes...


Anonymous said...


Just saw your blog through the Blogger Community in Orkut. Read your post and ended up blushing. Even I am one of those who sometimes or actually most of the times fill in anything other than my name in that so called space for the first and last name.
I agree that most of us waste our time on Orkut and I am sure everyone is aware of the fact that no one cares about what their status msg states or what community intersts them or whatever...but still we do spend so much time over it because a few things are just done for our satisfaction.
And most of the times I prefer not to use my name so that not everyone who types my name in the seacrh box will fine me.
And true those symbols are irritating especially when you cant make out what it means.

Will soon read all your post...
For now take care.Bye.

Karthik said...

ha ha ha.. rightly said, Saurabh. These things really get on our nerves, don't they? It's definitely identity crisis.
And your style of writing is really good, man. It flows very easily. Keep writing!

AMD said...

hmmm... good point to say... it gets difficult to identify ppl on orkut with such names...

angel from heaven said...

Well if you only want to add closest friends they will know your Id and for those strangers who only add you to increase their number in the friend list are not worth worrying about!!.Maybe people like an alias name.I know I do!!!Good post at least you got off your chest your frustration!!!lolz

Sorcerer said...

yeah... thats one point I agree on.
But.. if your nick name is more famous than your real name..then I stick to the nick name.

and yeah..creating names with alphabets

I think its good for passwords

Saurabh Panshikar said...

thanks kartik and AMD. I'm glad you share my opinion.

@angel from heaven - dude even the closest frnz act like asses sometimes and screw up their names! plus we only search for them if we REALLY need to contach them!

@Sorcy - Dude you are an exception. No point arguing with you! lol

Thoughts said...

u know wht...i feel embarrased to say my name was @purw@...changed it immediatly after reading this....!! never thot about it in tht way.

Anonymous said...

ROFL! I've noticed that too...its so difficult and absurd at the same time!

Saurabh Panshikar said...

@apurwa, writerzblock
forward this post to all your friends who have strange names!

Manjari Singh said...

ppl change there name everybody. I keep wondering ye kon aa gay meri list me!!

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