Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bored of Boredom!

I’ve been racking my brains all week to find something to write about. The feeling that I own a blog itself is too cool to express! Just going thru blogs of random ppl made me realize that I’m not very good at this! Thought about many topics like the SRK Airport thing, Swine Flu, College Teachers Strike etc etc… But I din feel like doing any of the usual stuff.
I am just bored of everything that is goin around me. Same old ppl, same old stories, same old TV, same old movies and nothing new. I have to do something new. So I tried searching for some new stuff on the net (haven’t been much successful yet)!
But I found this real cool game on Armour Games which is definitely worth a play! Check it out

It is different from all the other games we play online. Usually while playing a game we aim to advance to the next level, preferably in less time, with more health, weapons etc. But this game has only one tiny weenie level! That’s all! And you have to attempt it in all ways possible! I enjoyed playing the game a lot. It got me rid of my “Boredom” and also gave me a new perspective to look at situations from all angles. (Sounds like I’m advertising it) ;-)


Recently read a piece about Light Graffiti (do try it) somewhere, but then I realized that I neither own a digicam OR any colored light sources. :-( Its kinda cool and fun stuff to do when you’re stuck in a dark room with a torch and digicam! The next thing I’m buying is a digicam (and a torch). Planning to put my ART on my blog too (considering that it turns out good) Lets hope for the best… Cheers!


Gaurav Tārkar said...

hey saurabh,
It's great that you have taken to blogging and it is natural that you be lost for topics to write about. but isn't this an irony? if one's life were so empty and defunct that one can devote ample amount of time to writing a blog, one obviously is going to face a writer's block. just joking, ok. it's ppl like Bachchan who can have enough to write about. but their blogs are boring because they are just 'me-me-me'.

So I'd suggest you not to open the blogger window and sit staring at it until something strikes you. what you can do is keep an open mind throughout the day and think how you can make a certain issue more interesting by giving a certain new view point. it needn't have to be a recent one like swine flu or srk brouhaha. but something you really feel from your heart.

last thing to remember is, to think from the reader's angle. try to imagine if a general audience would like to read what you are writing or you are writing only for yourself.

hope that helps.
i guess i'm your first comment provider here.
best of luck with your blogging.

Karthik said...

Welcome to the world of blogging and writers' block. :-) It's a common problem. But then again it can be handled easily. The first rule of writing is to 'WRITE.' No thinking. That comes later.
And i respectfully disagree with the last comment (only the last paragraph). Never think from the reader's angle, because EVERYBODY comes from a different background and everybody carries with him his own emotional baggage. So if you start thinking about your readers, you shall surely lose your focus on writing. Write for yourself. Some like it, and some may not. Difference of opinion always exists. Keep writing! All the very best!

P.S. About this post: I am not a gamer. But i shall check out light graffiti.

Anonymous said...

I have played only one level-many times...Its really cool.You know what ...I end up writing nothing when I make a list of things that I would want to write.I've learned that its all about writing what ever you trully feel like...
All the best!

Sorcerer said...

writers block?
i got a solution..
if you are in a coffee shop ,, use tissue paper to note down or point some important funny conversations you have heard.
well..i graduated from tissue paper to mobile phone

Saurabh Panshikar said...

thanks gaurav for the first comment! hoping for many more like these!

Thanks kartik for the comment

Thanks archana - my first follower! I'll always value your interest! lol

@sorcerer - Dude I live in a village in maharashtra... So
1. No Coffee Shop
2. No Tissue Paper
3. No Funny Conversations (except the ones i m involved it)
4. I got a cell tho! Cheers!

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