Wednesday, August 18, 2010


He felt the club was his home

He'd be there all the time

Loafing around with friends

Drinking to the last dime.

One day she came in with her sultry swagger

He soon lost his sense

Her presence oozed with attitude

That seemed to make him tense

Oh his eyes burned... Burned like fire

She threw a quick glance around

Maybe something of interest she found

His eyes begged for her attention

But sadly there was no mention.

Oh his eyes burned, burned with desire

He decided it was now or never

He'd do anything whatsoever

Gathering his courage he went up to dance

Flooring her on the floor was his only chance

Oh his eyes burned, burned with pure lust

She was a dirty dancer

She surely knew her moves

He was going crazy

Doing the musical grooves

She started for the exit

He didn't know what was next

Its best to follow her out

Maybe that was what was best?

She walked through the dark alley

Without a sight behind

He thought she's playing a game

Damn she looked so fine

Oh his eyes were burning, burning with hunger

He took a deep breath and tried to grab her hand

She looked into his eyes trying make him understand

He clenched it and pulled her towards him

That was when she reached into her purse and...

Oh his eyes were burning... Just burning!


Reshma Gore said...

Saw the pic before i read the everytime you mentioned his eyes burned i kept asking "are you sure its not from the pepper spray?" lol but good one man. Love the woman for pepper spraying that guy. Get a hint people! Good post!

Anonymous said...

Very good :)
Loved the way you kept the suspense till the end :)


Chanz said...

reminds me, I still havent bought a new one... Shit shit shit....

Nethra said...

Lol! :D That was quite good. I saw the pic before reading the poem so it kinda gave away the climax.

Rajlakshmi said...

serves him good :D
loved the narration... beautifully penned.

Kshitij said...

Very nice :)

Neha said...

the thing was soooo romantic until the last line! :(

your lines will do magic in a rap song lyrics! \m/

trust me!

Anonymous said...

Totally loved the narration!!

i guess i have a lot many to read :)

Urvashi said...

haha...Good one....!! :D :D

I dint know that u even wrote poems..!! :)

Megha said...

nice one....
lesson to learn : if a girl smiles at you it doesn't mean she is hitting on you :D

Shail Raghuvanshi said...

Kya piece of poetry hai.

Just loved it.
Good that I didn't see the picture first.

Keep it going. Ha Ha.


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